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August 11, 2022
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We have a social programme which is planned and run by members. We meet twice a month, normally on the Second Monday of a month and the Last Thursday of a month. This is subject to change depending on the activity - see the District Diary for details.

One of the aims of the Fellowship is to provide support to the District. There is no minimum or maximum level of service imposed on individual members but we do ask that you volunteer to help whenever possible. All requests from the District for help have to be channelled through the Exec who will co-ordinate the information and try to ensure that the most suitable members for the job are then asked if they are able to help.

To ensure that is not always the same 4 people that get asked to help at every District event, we have instigated a Help Rota. Members are asked to commit to any events they are able to at the start of the year. If more help is needed, or other requests for help received, members are called in strict rotation to give everybody the opportunity of helping if they are able.

Membership is 5 per address to cover administration and postal costs.
Capitation (if not covered by a group ) is a varying amount payable in January. This covers every member under Scout Insurance.

Activity costs are obviously variable. The programme has a mixture of "outing" type evenings which will have a cost attached and "self organised" evenings which are free !

The Committee is elected every year at the AGM and is responsible for the "background" running of the Fellowship. We are a very democratic organisation and anyone is welcome to organise an activity - it is by no means always the Exec's responsibility.

We have a uniform of maroon polo shirt with logo and / or sweatshirt. Due to the current uncertainty over the National Fellowship logo, we do not at present have any logo items. Anyone wishing to order uniform can order plain maroon items which can later have the new logo put onto. There is also a blue Fellowship scarf for formal functions but again, colour and logo is under discussion so this item is not currently available.

Social evenings - no uniform dress code as such - most people wear their sweatshirt's, especially if we are "out and about"

Formal events - ie St Georges Day - sweatshirt and scarf, black trousers or skirt (assumes you are NOT a uniformed leader within a section

Helping at District events - Sweatshirt's and name badges please.

You will be presented with a Fellowship name badge on joining. This is mainly for use when helping at District events to assist others in easily identifying us. Badges can also be used for those moments of self doubt during "the morning after" when you just need to check who you are !!

As much detail as possible will be put on the programme to try and avoid us having to send a letter out every month. However, arrangements do change and it will be necessary to update you. Everyone will be asked if they prefer to receive information in the post or by e-mail.

For last minute changes / urgent communication requirements, we are going to instigate a phone tree system to enable us to get the message to every member quickly should it be necessary. The success of this will of course depend on you !

In addition, it is proposed to start a quarterly newsletter to review past events, give details of forthcoming ones, pass on gossip and District information. All contributions gratefully received. First issued planned to be April 2001.

The Fellowship is open to anyone over the age of 18 - no previous experience necessary ! In 2001 we are aiming to increase our membership to help us really have an impact on Scouting in High Wycombe at grass roots level. The more people we have, the more service we can provide to the District and the bigger and better our social programme can be. Every current member is tasked to bring along one other person in the first 6 months of this year.

Stands for John Wood Scout Centre and is where are meetings are held unless otherwise stated.

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